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Fantastic action American-made zombie Hunter (2013) tells the story of the journey of a lone mutant fighter. The viewer is presented with a distant future in which chaos reigns on the planet Earth. It is time for a real Apocalypse, because now overflowing planet zombies. The people are so few left alive, every day it becomes even less so as they are constantly subjected to the bloody attacks of the walking dead. There is a bloodthirsty battle between zombies and humans, in which the latter clearly lose. Their leader is the main character, whose role was played by Martin Kopping, who starred in the famous films Reboot and war Wounds. The man, probably, more than any other hates these things, because recently he considered himself to be the happiest person. The hero had a beautiful wife and small children, but the dead in an instant destroyed his seven In this case, you need a rapid and mass extermination of the walking dead in a gloomy post-apocalyptic America. The loner hunter, who has nothing to lose, joins the settlers, led by a stern-looking pastor, performed by the legendary Danny Trejo. Together they open the zombie hunting season. However, the heroes are not aware of the real threat waiting for them, because instead of slow zombies they have to fight with these mutants, full of strength and speed. Consequently, any weapon will be used, including even agricultural equipment, firearms models, as well as a variety of piercing and cutting units. nnI must say that today the theme of zombies is very popular in the world. So, every year the viewer has the opportunity to watch at least a dozen new paintings in which the brave guys in different ways to kill walking zombies. To achieve their goal, they use a variety of weapons and items. Usually-this hunting rifle and shotguns. The film zombie Hunter (2013) is no exception.nnIt all started with the fact that the world has spread the so-called pink drug, which is used daily by all people. As a result, this dependence takes a completely unexpected turn, because the pink substance has almost become a replacement for human blood, from which they all turned into zombies, hungry for g So the bi mavity...