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  • Drama
Zombie virus has brought humanity to the abyss of problems and taught to survive. A devastating war with monsters lasted for several years and here is a glimmer of hope: one infected escaped the fate of the living dead. New York's lucky man and the last hope of humanity urgently need to be transported to California. There, in an equipped laboratory, the doctor will isolate the virus from the infected person's blood and create a cure vaccine. The surviving patient is taken to deliver a squad of daredevils. but an adventurous journey through half the country is very unpredictable, and the daredevils miss the enterprising Murphy, who did not want to be the Savior of the planet and escaped at the time of a nuclear outbreak. "Nation Z season 2" will talk about the tireless search for the escaped last hope of earthlings. An unusual man, who with open arms waiting in the California laboratory, made friends with the living dead and travels across America, hiding from the team of seekers. Murphy does not trust any doctors, scientists or authorities, and the heroes will have to come up with a cunning way to lure a unique, infected in the lair of medical luminaries. What will come up with a squad of daredevils and whether they will be able to outwit Murphy, enlisted the support of the living dead?

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