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Original Title: Yugo
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: Kids Station
Description: When a crime is committed, accompanied by hostage-taking, a professional who knows how to negotiate is needed. Such professionals, called negotiators, are well aware of the psychology of the offender and are able to find an approach to a person that is in an aggressive state. One day negotiator Danny Rowman from his partner learns about the embezzlement of funds of the disability Fund. The partner manages to report a name of the criminal who works in Department of internal investigations, and dies shortly before the planned meeting with Danny. The next day Danny come with a search warrant and find the killer planted the Bank documents showing the involvement of Roumen waste Fund. Slandered Danny is difficult to prove his innocence and refute such evidence, and he makes a reckless act at first glance: takes hostage the real culprit of embezzlement and requires a negotiator from another site, which will now depend on whether Rowman will be able to return the good name.

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