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There is a generation of grimidon – young adepts of the grime style (modern versions of the rap). Those who not only listens to music in this direction, but he does everything to continue the work of the great dizzy and tiny (who knows what kind of names, he will understand). Their young life is full of struggle: for independence in the views of the older generation, for the promotion and popularization of their creativity, for their freedom, finally.nnPunks music presented in this series, lives in cold and gloomy the area of Peckham in South-East London. But the degree of passion among the local youth is off scale for all reasonable restrictions. Two characters are involved in the testing to participate in a big contest rap freestylers. One this test passes, and the second – is cut off. It would seem that the musical career of the members of this Duo will go on a variety of guidelines. But the guys are doing a joint Remix of a successful song, with which they are going to win together.nnThe audience of "Punks" are fans of grime, they are not rich residents of poor areas, they are those who see in music their chance to become someone in life. And by and large "Youngers" is the story of the first, the most difficult and therefore the most memorable stage on the way to success or complete disappointment in life.