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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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In the center of the plot of the series "New bride" is Bella. Girl grew in Europe, in Madrid, so accustomed to a certain freedom. However, as a daughter of a Turk, she knows very well what the Muslim order is. The girl is ready to change her life, but only for the sake of a loved one.rn

And then one day a man appears on the horizon. It turns out the handsome boy of the Khazars. Flared passion makes Hazara and Bella officially register the relationship. It seems that it is a cherished dream, but not so simple. The young man is the son of an influential clan leader from chukurov. He must live next to relatives to deal with numerous family Affairs. In this regard, Bella is forced to move from her native Madrid.Here it turns out that Khazar's relatives were not aware of the wedding. They are shocked by the sudden decision of the young heir to tie the knot with a stranger. Moreover, Hazar's father had already planned his wedding with the daughter of the head of the hostile clan. This Union was supposed to strengthen the position of the family business, and now all the plans went down the drain.Angry relatives try to do everything to survive Bella and force her to divorce. That's just a kind and modest girl is not as simple as it seems. She is ready to fight for her beloved man to the last and does not intend to retreat.rn

While the Khazars engaged in the resolution of family problems, Bella begins to conquer daughters-in-law, Slovak and other relatives of the husband. Sooner or later, the girl will prove to them that she deserves to be part of such a respected family. And yet, European education makes itself felt. Not accustomed to the limitations of Bella rebels, causing new conflicts in a large family nest. Will she be able to maintain a relationship with Khazar and resist the endless intrigues of his relatives? Viewers will be able to learn this only after watching the Turkish series.