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The main characters of the series "Dream" — Bulut and elif. It seems that they have absolutely nothing in common, because they come from different strata of society, have a different circle of communication. However, this does not prevent love to arise in the hearts of the main characters.Their first encounter was random, but it changed both their lives. After a sudden acquaintance, the main characters rush into the maelstrom of passion with his head, not thinking about the consequences.the feeling overwhelms elif, making her believe that there is a place for their passion in Bulut's world. However wealth and poverty, in which live the main heroes too are far from each other. Against the Union of twenty-year-old lovers are their parents and friends.however, no obstacles can destroy the sincere feeling that has arisen between the main characters. That is why Bulut swears to elif in eternal love, and the girl, in turn, forgets about the honor and reputation, just to be with her lover.There is a mysterious man in her past, a mysterious man who has power over elif. He revels in his own power and does not intend to lose it. Deceit and meanness, he separates the main characters to make the girl his mistress. Only that elif knows that this man loves her, and wants only to possess and dominate.rnthat is why her heart continues to yearn for Bulut. Despite the distances, obstacles and tragedies on the way of life, the main characters continue to sincerely love each other. They are destined to carry this feeling through the years, numerous trials.rn

Can elif break free from the clutches of his evil lover? Will Bulut be able to destroy the love triangle and find happiness with the second half, despite all gossip and gossip? The audience will be able to learn about it only in the very end of the dramatic story with a high intensity of passions.