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Among strangers or the Adjutant of his Excellency – a classic Soviet television in Asia minor lands in the serial teledrama based on real events of a century ago. Dramatic plot is designed primarily for the Turks, because the main character is copied from a real man, whose feat and sacrifice helped Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to create a modern Turkey. However, our audience will also enjoy the incredible story of love, sacrifice, fatal choice between devotion to his beloved family and rebellious homeland. As well as for our great and mighty, in Asia Minor bloodshed did not stop with the end of world war I – the flame of war broke out with new force when the eternal military-political competition of Greece and Turkey replaced global scale on local level. Another head of the Balkan confrontation opens with a successful operation of the Greek army, which occupies Izmir, the third largest city of the enemy. And now from global layouts historical drama we pass to the main characters.the family of Aziz, a mother of three children whose husband is a captain of the Turkish army, has already gone through several wars and countless military operations in the occupied city, and now he is in the rear of the enemy. Captain Gidget was born and raised in the occupied Izmir here knows all the ins and outs, the right people, loyal to the Motherland and collaborators who sold themselves to the enemy. Military experience and knowledge of local realities turned the army professional into an invaluable employee of the underground liberation movement – a fate that will make a spy a traitor in the eyes of the people who do not know the full picture, and a national hero for historians.

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