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Many of us, looking up to the sky, think about what is really happening in the Universe? What is hidden behind these little dots that we see from our planet? Have we always been alone in our Solar system? Or do we still have neighbors that we don't even know exist? The question of what exactly is happening in the Solar system and how it works has troubled mankind since ancient times. For centuries, epochs and millennia, people have tried to find an explanation, not only for the structure of the Solar system, but also for its very existence. After all, all the unknown leads to fear and misunderstanding. Some knowledge was erroneous, and some have survived through the millennia, such as astrology and astronomy. The more we look at the sky, the more questions we have. But thanks to modern knowledge and technology, we can not only learn more about what the Solar system is now. But also to learn about what it was billions of years ago, in the days of our ancestors, in the era of dinosaurs. And even about how she appeared. We can observe its development and growth, as well as its extinction and death. The mysteries of space not only remain relevant for humanity, but also give rise to various guesses in us. Not only about existence of our planet in particular, but and the entire Universe in a whole. After watching the free online mini-series "air force: the Wonders of the Solar system", you can go on an unforgettable space journey. Full of exciting secrets and mysteries, which is filled with our universe. And also, you will be able to enjoy her extremely beauty and freshness. After all, despite the fact that humanity is actively studying space. So far, the questions that the universe sends us, humanity has much more than answers to them.