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So, Wolverine (2013), a new sci-Fi Thriller about the adventures of superheroes, filmed by James Mangold on the script of Mark Bomback and Christopher McCourt. The film is based on comics, or rather, a series of comics that were created in 1982 by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. The shooting of the film began in March in new York, then took place in Japan. The film is filled with drama. We are talking about love, bitterness, loss, suicide and the conquest of internal demons. This film is very different from those that the audience used to watch, but at the same time it is a Thriller, and a fantastic Thriller. Very interesting combination and interweaving of genres... nnA little about the plot of the movie Wolverine: Logan (X The enemies he faces will play on his weaknesses. nnFilm the Wolverine (Wolverine 2) was filmed in Sydney. The crew once again proved their professionalism by covering the area with snow. AND X The character is much lower than the Australian actor (1,90) and if X Also, the film Wolverine: Immortal will be released in 3D. The film's Director and protagonist promised that

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