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The modern world is not even aware of the existence of magic and sorcery, but it does not prevent the three charming witches live in the heart of a large metropolis. Joanna, Ingrid and Freya Bosham are powerful and invincible witches who came to this world from another dimension, where their own father and grandfather run everything. Rebelling against the power of the family, Joanna and her daughters were forced to flee, but remembers the reason and the fact of the escape itself only Joanna, girls have no idea of their magical abilities, and that they needed to live quite a bit. According to the curse, sent to the entire family of Joanna by her father, she received immortality and eternal youth, but is forced into each of his many lives to survive the birth and the death of their beloved daughters, dying at the age of 25-30 years.

after living for several generations, she decides not to tell the daughters about their extraordinary talent and is raising the girls as ordinary people, creating a spell inhibiting the expression of magic. And here comes the day when Freya meets a man offering her to marry, Joanna is happy immensely, because this guy seems quite ordinary and even pleasant. But with the approach of the wedding day Freya begin to visit the vision in which she marries is not the head of his fiancé, and for a very beautiful and sexy guy. Trying to get rid of obsessive thoughts, the girl tries to speed up the approach of the wedding day, unaware that the meeting with the guy from her dream is approaching every moment, because he is none other than the groom's brother, and still a good sorcerer, whose strength was also taken away from him as a child. < p>

Everything would be fine, but the handsome sorcerer is actually Freya's husband, whom she loves madly for several centuries, which means that the curse not only has not lost its strength, but is ready to happen.

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