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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Romance
Ban JI Yeon has already crossed the line of middle age, but, unfortunately, has not found his female happiness. Love was very close, but at the last moment, namely right at the altar, the future husband decided to turn back to refuse to connect his life with the heroine. After such a shame, the woman decided to immerse herself in the work that will never let her down and break her heart. Now she is one of the busiest reporters in her editorial office, for which she received the nickname Witch from her colleagues. The second character - a young Dong-Ha. He is still very young, but despite his age, has already managed to know the bitter taste of fate. His girlfriend died in an accident, and now the boy's life has lost its meaning. Yun don feels like he will never know happiness again. Case brought the two characters, and a little to know each other, they understand how similar and how cruelly with both of them fate. They spend a lot of time together, but will their friendship grow into something serious, because they have such a big age difference?