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The main character of the film is Ryan Newman, a former lawyer. Recently, in his life comes a series of unpleasant events: he was fired from his job, he broke up with his girlfriend and, considering himself a complete loser, falls into depression. The young man decides that he has no reason to live and is going to commit suicide. Writing a suicide note, he drinks a handful of pills that fraudulently begged his sister Kristen, a working midwife. The stuff strangely did not come, and at this time suddenly to him knocked on the new neighbor Jenna. That was a real surprise for Ryan. She asked him to sit with her dog while her house was being disinfected. Agreeing to help a pretty blonde, Ryan found next to her not an ordinary dog, but an unshaven, boorish man dressed in a dog costume. However, ironically, in the eyes of all other people, Wilfred was just a dog. After the "dog" was at Ryan's house, he immediately began to smoke pot, and claim to go out with him for a walk, where he began to stick to all passers-by and lead obscene arguments about life. At some point, Ryan decided that the talking dog is a hallucination caused by an overdose of pills, but as it turned out, the sister did not give his brother potent drugs and instead brought the usual glucose. As a result of spending a few days with Wilfred, Ryan was able to understand that they tied a real male friendship, and that the tall man, who is dressed in a stupid dog costume, forever helped change his life.

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