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In the United States there is a major terrorist attack, which killed many people. After that, the White house announces a fundamentally new war of world terrorism, and to help them in this will be the head of a large arms company Kyle Norris, who in the recent explosion lost his son. Despite all the measures taken, it has become much easier to resist the danger, because criminals are constantly coming up with something new and inflict painful blows on ordinary us citizens. In 2018, there is another terrible terrorist attack-a simple guy unexpectedly pulls out a gun and kills a few people in a cafe. After his arrest, he claims he didn't do anything, just could not open fire on people. To investigate this strange crime is taken detective Walker, who soon manages to find out that something strange is happening. All his guesses are fully confirmed after a conversation with a strange Professor who provided him with all the necessary evidence. Walker learns that the whole thing is a secret weapon codenamed Swap, which was invented by Kyle Norris to fight terrorism, and the case in the cafe was only a demonstration of the possibility. Will the detective be able to get all the necessary evidence and prevent possible terrible consequences?

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