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Beaumont rosewood Jr. is so good at his job that they say behind his back that he's having an affair with death. Well, the glory would always go for the pathologists, especially at this level.And, as rosewood Doc, for his time and interest in the case are fighting even in the police departments.He is able to see the smallest evidence, the smallest traces on the body and physiological reactions, which together give him a more accurate picture of the crime than would be able to make police forensics.But Rosie himself remains a private owner" and is in no hurry to enter the public service, because he manages the largest and most modern laboratory in the Sunny state of Miami. He's kind of an artist.And yet, the police do not intend to tolerate the fact that such a talent is wasted.To rosewood put a detective-and here it is difficult to understand who for whom acts as an assistant in practice.And although at first the lady is a thorn, which, in fact, landed him in a partner, kicking, over time and it gives the impression of professionalism and personal strength of beaumont.And now they can work together as a real team.However, rosewood believes that he is long – perhaps this is the secret of his intellect, love of life and keen perception of things?

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