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Original Title: White Collar
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Jeff Eastin
Language: English
Description: We hasten to inform you that the exciting adventures of our beloved white collar continue, and send us to the long-awaited sixth season. Autumn 2014 gave the audience the continuation of dozens of TV series, that famous online was no exception. However, to call the new season a full separate part of the story is extremely difficult, the fact that according to the creators, it will consist of only six episodes, and will likely resemble the continuation of the fifth. As we all remember perfectly, the white-collar finale turned out to be more than intriguing, and the crowds of fans languished for many months in agonizing anticipation, wanting to know at least some details of the secret abduction of the burning handsome Neil Caffrey. So the sixth season online will put an end to this complicated history, and, it seems, will be the final note just detektivnogo series . But now I propose to plunge into the events of the recent past, and remember where the unusual history of The white collar began. Neil Caffrey for a long time was the main goal of an experienced and experienced FBI agent Peter Burke. But all desperate attempts to track down the brilliant criminal who manages to find a way out literally in any situation, come to an end with continuous failures. However Peter was not going to give up and quit this elusive race. No Roma Peter did not expect to catch this guy, because this may be the only person who pretty well knows all habits of the Nile. And I must say over the years desperate race Peter managed to master this skill, in ideal, and now as no one anticipates the actions of a criminal. After many years, Neil still finds himself behind bars. Peter was in seventh heaven, because he proved to everyone around that elusive criminals just do not exist, the main thing to be able to wait and watch what is happening around. But the very conclusion of Neil, it seems, not very upset, in prison he had a huge authority, so the rest of the prisoners gave him peace to serve his sentence. Soon happens to be an incident that changes all the plans the ingenious criminal, his girlfriend is in grave danger and it seems that no one except Neil can't save her. Without much effort, The main character of the series white collar cranks tricky operation, and is at large, but Peter seemed to be waiting for Neil will soon do something like that and try to escape, so he was on the alert and immediately managed to catch him. But at this very moment, the offender assures the agent that the freedom from him is much more useful than in a prison cell, because in order to catch the most cunning criminals of the country, you need to think like a cunning and hardened criminal... But what has prepared for us a new season, and who stole the elusive Nile?!...

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