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  • Drama
  • Crime
Like elegant cute crimes and criminals? Then we recommend the show "white Collar". This is a series about a special Department of the FBI, which investigates fraud, corruption and other crimes that cause huge damage to the economy. For a long time, FBI agent Peter Burke was hunting for a high-end fraud Neil Caffrey. As a result of a successful operation, Neil was finally caught and sentenced to four years in prison. It was quiet, but four months before his release, the boy escapes from prison.He famously changes his appearance, disguises himself as a prison worker and quietly leaves her limits. Only four hours later could the prisoner be found missing. In search of the fugitive is sent back to officer Burke, as he alone had previously been able to find Caffrey. Using all the known information, Peter quickly found Neal.Their conversation is more like a conversation between two old friends. They have known each other for a long time, there is no sense to whine and hide the truth. Caffrey fled to keep his beloved in the country. But he failed, the girl changed appearance and famously ran away from the country. Neil's desperate. After all, now in addition to the remaining four months, he will add four more for the escape. However, the guy has a trump up his sleeve. He's offering the FBI cooperation in exchange for getting out of jail under Peter Burke's responsibility.< p>

Our officer very much doubts the usefulness of this deal, but Caffrey pointed to an important piece of evidence in the case of a known fraudster, who was nicknamed the Dutchman by the authorities for his resemblance to the elusive Ghost ship. Neal understands his nature and knows how to get on his trail. If the FBI manages to catch the Dutchman, our hero will remain at large. But if he decides to flee, he will be sentenced to life in prison without the right to appeal the sentence. It's all or nothing. And escape he did not give sly an electronic bracelet that is attached on my leg. Another condition for being free-Neil stops looking for his girlfriend, the guy says that already forgot to think about it, but his actions suggest otherwise.

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