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Hero Nobel: the World at any cost download, Lieutenant Erling Rizer was involved in a complex political game, which involved his former colleagues, American intelligence, several governments, terrorists, the Nobel Committee and even the wife of Erling. It all began after his return from the Afghan war, where Rizer took part in the fighting, saw a lot of blood and death, he risked his life every minute. But it turned out that the hardest part is waiting for him at home, where he hoped to find peace and understanding.Shortly after returning Erling received a message from a comrade, in which he requested urgent assistance in the important and dangerous business. Unable to refuse the one with whom side by side shed blood, the hero of the film intervenes in a complex and dangerous business, participation in which completely changes his life and the lives of his loved ones. Intervening in one criminal and political history, he becomes a member of the other, then the next... How do these events relate to the Erling service and the event that occurred shortly before his demobilization? That knows about this and that hides his wife? Will the hero be able to understand the conflicts in which he was unwittingly involved?

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