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The paranormal Department is a television series of six thirty-minute episodes, which is a spin-off of the new Zealand film directed by Taiki Waititi"Real ghouls". The original film, which became a source of inspiration for this series was filmed in 2014 in the pseudo-documentary style mokyumentari and is a clear parody of the super-fashionable vampire theme. In the same year, it was shown at the Sundance festival, and received very good criticism, and then, coming out in a wide release, became the most successful new Zealand hit in the history of cinema in this country. Two years later, in 2016, Waititi reported th that the film will be spin-offs. Was initially announced the project"We are wolves", the center of the plot which moves on werewolves from the original movie. And then the TV series"Department of paranormal phenomena", which at first was going to be called Police Ten 7, but later got its current name. The original film is very stylish trampled on the entire vampire culture, starting right from the origins-explicit parody references to Nosferatu and Dracula, then Twilight with all the inherent genre stamps-skirmishes with werewolves, hypnotic tricks and vampire hunters. However, as you know, everything in history repeats itself. First as a tragedy, then as a farce. So that all these known with childhood terrible especially vampire life filed in this case through the prism of real human life. Well, for example, if a vampire wants to dress up in fashion, do her hair, apply makeup ... how to make it all a creature that can not be reflected in the mirror? Or if suddenly it turns out that the best protection against vampires is not garlic (although, of course, its magic properties to scare the bloodsuckers did not disappear), however, the security of the nightclub helps to significantly steeper. The guard just does not want to invite them, and therefore they simply can not enter. And so, offended, humiliated and insulted stagger these vampires the streets at night and nothing better to do organize clashes with skirmishes with werewolves, accidentally caught them on the way. The main characters of the film are four vampires who live in Wellington-the capital of New Zealand. All of them are different, though very respectable ages – from several hundred to several thousand years. At night, as vampires, they take to the streets to find a victim to feed on. Sometimes it happens that one of the neighbors of their victims calls the police, but those-macle and Karen-wander between the corpses, blood stains and hung on the ceiling vampires, and succumbing to vampire hypnosis do not see any of this, penyaya caused their neighbors that they have no smoke sensors... life of vampires is very difficult, because they can not master new technologies . However, one of the vampires have servants. The girl agrees to work in exchange for the fact that the employer promised her to make her a vampire. She brings her boyfriend to them so the vampires can eat his blood. He's being turned into a vampire. He introduces vampires to his friend the programmer, who tries to teach them how to use computers and gadgets. However himself convert difficult adapts to vampire life, he tells everyone drinking buddy in a bar, that he now – as a vampire. This leads to the fact that on the trail of the bloodsuckers out vampire hunter. As a result, the oldest vampire dies. Vampires: Viago is a very romantic and sophisticated 379-year-old vampire, pedant and dandy in the image of the 18th century."Interview with a vampire" style. Vladislav — in the image of a medieval vampire. He's 862. Deacon is the youngest. He's only 183. In the form of a rock star. A sort of lone rebel. Peter is the real Nosferatu. The oldest and wisest - he is 8000 years old. Nick-convert, with it, against his original desire, and therefore spits on all the laws of the classical genre. < li>< ul > Spin-off"paranormal division" online shifts the focus to police Michael and Karen, who become investigators of the newly created police Department, which deals with paranormal phenomena in the criminal environment of Wellington. The city was flooded with all sorts of evil, including vampires, werewolves, witches and other evil spirits. And these two police officers will have to save the inhabitants of Wellington from the invasion of otherworldly creatures. The series is a paranormal Division 1 series free download on our website after the broadcast!

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