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Welcome to Hitchcock - a new television series dedicated to the great Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. It is filmed with the direct participation of the Hitchcock trust Fund and its direct heirs, including the granddaughter of master Cutty O'connell Fiala. Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on August 13th of the last year of the 19th century. Until the 39th year of the twentieth century, he filmed their movies in the UK, it was mostly a detective story in a quite classic manner of those times, but even then, his films have felt a certain inexplicable charm which is different from the other. In 1934 he made his first film, which became known –"the Man who knew too much", and after a few years, in 1939 moved to the United States, where he made all his most famous films, including"Dizziness","Psycho","Birds". First of all, his name is associated with such a genre as Thriller, and its main component – suspense, in which hitch was an unsurpassed master, masterfully pumping in his paintings disturbing atmosphere filled with uncertainty and tense expectation. Hitchcock's professional style as a Director was formed in the atmosphere of significant influence of German expressionism in the cinema of the twenties and thirties of the last century. For example, in his films the 40-ies, which he shot in the United States there is a clear influence of German film Noir. One of his signature techniques was careful work with sound, he literally illustrated with the sounds of everything that happened on the screen, which greatly enhanced the effect of what he saw on the screen. For the same purpose, he paid great attention to music, believing that the audio effect can greatly increase the level of emotional perception of the viewer. Hitchcock's Favourite characters — people caught in the trap of circumstances. Story situations tend to fall into three categories.< i > at the very end of his life, almost in its last year, the Master was awarded by the American film Institute, the award was called"for the achievements of all life." And Elizabeth II-the Queen of great Britain honored him with the construction of knighthood, so that in the last year of his life, Alfred Joseph Hitchcock – the son of a grocer from the Northern suburbs of London became sir. The last film of the Master was released in 1976, it was called"family conspiracy". Virtually until the end of his life Master worked. His last project was to be a spy Thriller called"Short night", on which he worked hard with his writers, but because of the increasingly deteriorating health of the aging Master of this project has not been implemented. Only after the death of this scenario was published. The master died at the age of 80 years old in April 1980. I must say that mostly, the viewer knows Hitchcock on his work in the big meter, but actually all the masterpieces that have long been taken away on citations and all kinds of borrowing his epigones were filmed for the big screen. However, the wizard, and worked for television. With his direct participation was made a online series called"Alfred Hitchcock presents". The first season was released in 1955. The series survived ten seasons, and went until 1962 inclusive. From the eighth it was called"Alfred Hitchcock's Hour". Note, that all now well known caricature image of the profile Hitchcock appeared in as a screen saver in this series. Not all stories belonged to Hitchcock's hand, but all the stories were chosen with his direct participation, and he himself invited Directors to work on the episodes. After the death of the Master in the same spirit, has done TV shows in 1985-1986 year, and then in 1987-1989-m for various us channels. These shows included original stories and updated classic stories of Hitchcock classics, with black and white films of Hitch were painted, which added to the public interest in these projects. The new series will continue the tradition, but it has been somewhat modernized according to the latest trends in television shows. In this project, each detective story will be dedicated to a special season. Welcome to Hitchcock 1 series you can download for free on our website after the broadcast!

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