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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Ethan Burke is an excellent specialist who has successfully completed many tasks of his boss. He's a special agent capable of solving any professional mystery. However, once it came to personal problems of the guy and he initially lost. But at stake is the life of his beloved woman, and our hero decides to take the case. The guy needs to come to a small town called Wayward pines, located somewhere in the vast Idaho. In this town miraculously disappeared two special agents, among whom was the former lover of our hero. What did government agents do in a small provincial town? What secrets are kept in this lost little town?strange things begin to happen in Wayward pines that defy any explanation. Ethan Burke tries hard to understand what is happening, because it affects the fate of his beloved, his own life and professional reputation. But there are still many more mysteries than answers. Soon, new information emerges that only radically confuses the case. But our hero does not give up, takes matters into his own hands, and vows to find answers to all his questions. We wish you pleasant viewing!

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