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Everybody dreams about calm, happy and peaceful life. It could be the best thing. In order for people to live in peace, all working gods, magicians, wizards, which in a thousand worlds very much. They all together make up one whole – our Universe. All these creatures are among the highest. They do all they can to guide the lives of mortals. Mages and gods protect the interests of people, do not let evil demons interfere in their lives. Dangerous and very insidious demons, in turn, do everything possible to prevent the gods from doing good, to perform a variety of miracles.nEach of the magicians has only their abilities, which is endowed with his part of the Universe. Only one person possesses a sacred scroll, which allows him to control the entire universe. Many years ago, when the Earth was just beginning to exist, it collided with a huge meteorite. He couldn't withstand such a collision, which shattered into millions of fragments, scattered across the planet's surface. Each piece of the meteorite has its own unique signs, significance, the meaning of which was not known to anyone. For many millennia, people have tried to find out the secret of the meteorite, to decipher strange signs, but they still did not work.nOne of the meteorite fragments landed on the territory of the Eastern continent. People for a long time could not calm down and did everything possible to decipher the mysterious characters. Many centuries later, the inscriptions showed favor and revealed their secret meaning to people. The inhabitants of the planet saw in these inscriptions is something mystical and very perfect, what they have never before encountered. Thus soon there was a Set of rules. Now all were obliged to adhere to them and blindly follow.nChen Changshan has suffered from a dangerous disease since childhood that cannot be cured. Throughout his life (fourteen years), he is trying to overcome the disease, which I still got