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This series is one of many adaptations of the great novel of L. N. Tolstoy "War and peace". The literary work is very voluminous, the serial format has a time frame, so the creators of the TV project focused on the main storylines. At the same time, they tried as much as possible to take care of the book basis, not allowing any liberties and fashionable modern interpretations today.nnThe action of this long story begins in 1805. This is a troubled time for Europe: the French Emperor Napoleon leads successful wars of conquest. It is crystal clear that the Emperor will reach Russia in his territorial claims. The two main characters of the series are Prince Andrei Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov. They are friends, and despite the seeming original dissimilarity, deep down are very similar. Both are rushing in search of the meaning of life.nnPrince Andrew wants a feat, and therefore goes to war with Napoleon. Pierre was wild in his youth, with fests and silly antics, but after receiving a huge inheritance, he decides to settle down and even marry, but not quite successfully. Neither war nor be given in marriage heroes do not find satisfaction of their impulses. The love line is connected with the beauty Natasha Rostova – one of the most striking female images in the world of art.

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