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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Talented and popular actress decided to complete his stellar career to engage in the upbringing of his son. However, immediately after she made a public statement, the child was abducted. The offender was contacted by the mother, but instead of a ransom demanded from her to live out a new reality show. The boy will live as long as the transfer will have high ratings. The kidnapper is going daily before the start of the program to give jobs that Jung Hae In and her team have to perform live. The key point was that every episode of "Wanted" demonstrated murder. The audience in the Studio, viewers and participants themselves were stunned by these demands, which denied all the laws of morality. The show tried to close, remove from the air, but the desperate mother is ready to do anything to save her child. Only after the shooting, she gets evidence that her bloodline is still alive, because Heh In must overcome the aversion to what she has to do, tolerate criticism and condemnation of the public. Cha Se In is investigating the case of the missing young girl. The evidence from the crime leads him to the Studio. As it turned out, the disappeared is an assistant to the villain, who became the mastermind of the TV show. Detective Cha begins to help Hye Ying and as filming reveals the mystery of the murder of his mentor, who did not give him peace for many years. The actress herself will learn the shocking truth about the death of her first husband - the father of her seven-year-old son.