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Animated series called "Hello to the planets" tells the story of the adventures of a humanoid named Here and There (eng.Wander) and his loyal steed Sylvia. Inseparable friends travel across the Galaxy, changing the planet one by one. During his adventures Here and There, this surprisingly kind and sincere humanoid, and then helps the inhabitants of the planets, without depriving anyone of their attention. Sometimes, putting at risk even his own life, he does everything possible to help the needy. As soon as the signal comes from some planet, a small but brave and responsive humanoid immediately rushes to the rescue.his faithful friend, Sylvia, who looks like either a dragon or a dinosaur, is a constant companion of the humanoid optimist Here and There. This couple seeks to help all living things live freely and have fun.but not everything is as smooth as it seems at first glance. There is a villain Named Lord Sinister, whose goal is to subjugate the entire Universe. He is not happy with the attempts of Sylvia and her rider to make this world a better place, because his own desire is to turn the inhabitants of the Universe into slaves who obey him. Lord Sinister has an army of patrols, with which he plans to enslave the entire system. Manages the army commander Padalkin.fortunately, Lord Sinister's evil ideas are rarely crowned with success, as our fearless friends Sylvia and Here-and-there are always one step ahead of the terrible inhabitant of the Universe.Brave, sympathetic and infinitely kind cowboy Here-and-There brings a holiday to any planet where it turns out with his faithful friend Sylvia. The triumph can only spoil Lord Sinister and his army of watchdogs, but Here-and-There, fearless humanoid, will not let this happen.rn

the Animated series painted a very attractive and unusual, which just emphasizes the fantastic nature and the unpredictability of the plot. The dialogue of the characters funny, and the action exciting. It is difficult to find in it any instructive morality-this cartoon rather for helping vacation. Of course, it also cannot be called useless – boundless kindness Here-and-There should be learned by everyone.Exciting battles, amazing battles and ideas of our heroes can not be interested. Traveling the Galaxy Here and There now and then makes new friends, acquires wonderful friends and mentors. Of course, with all these creatures he has sooner or later separated, because evil is not asleep and you need to hurry to the next planet to once again prevent the insidious Lord Sinister and his dogs to enslave the Universe.Animated series "Hello to the planets" watch online nice thanks to the excellent graphics, exciting storyline, the brightness of the characters and the overall optimistic style. It is absolutely worth recommending for viewing both kids and their parents. Here – and-There will show the child how great it is to be kind and sympathetic, and that sacrificing yourself in the name of saving others is a behavior worthy of a hero. Well, evil Lords Sinister prove in practice that selfishness never leads to anything positive, and that bad behavior is never rewarded, and the perpetrators – punished.