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Since childhood, Philippe Petit was fond of a variety of tricks and tricks. As a teenager, he decided to try himself as a tightrope Walker, and he had a real talent for this. He began to develop their skills and each time to perform more complex and dangerous passage on the rope. He even walked on a tightrope stretched between the two domes of the Paris Cathedral. But it was not enough, he wanted to make a truly challenging trick that will remember and talk about even after many years. As a result, Philip wanted to make a pass at an altitude of 450 meters, on a tightrope between two new York twin towers. And to do it all he decided without any insurance.Despite all the excuses friends, Philip is determined to do this trick. In order to better study the place and prepare for the passage, he even had to take serious risks and violate several laws. In the end, feat Peti will be watching a huge number of onlookers from the ground, and his stunt will become one of the most difficult and dangerous in the history of mankind.

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