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Wakfu watch online should start with the first series not to miss the plot of this exciting animated series. Once upon a time, the wonderful world of the Twelve, inhabited by a variety of races, suffered misfortune. Terrible Chaos destroyed a third of the population and the territory of the great planet. Since the troubles in her magic lands did not stop. Therefore inhabitants peacefully standing among green fields and oak forests of the village Emelka were not surprised at all when to them the mysterious, silent grandfather with a baby carriage was declared.the Elder turned out to be a representative of a very ancient and long-considered extinct dragon race. And with him he carried precious cargo – infant one of an extinct race Electropop. Mysterious strangers pay attention cruel and omnipresent time mage Knox. And although the sorcerer was defeated in the battle with the old man, he did not abandon attempts to seize his power once. Knox eats Waqf – spiritual and physical strength, which is present in every creatures, plants, and even of the subject. And such a formidable and wise create dragon life energy is also huge. But the mean-spirited scoundrel does not even realize that the baby lying in the stroller has unique magical abilities even more…in the Meantime, the boy is nothing like an outstanding wizard. Dragon, aware of the true purpose of the child, threw him a good and brave mercenary albert. He just decided to quit his disrespect of the craft and settle in Emelka. He gave his adopted son the name of Yugo and happily lived in the village, soon becoming a respected and beloved mayor. Albert opened a tavern, where he served the most delicious dishes in the area. The former bounty hunter had no culinary skills. But the South of any product could concoct a real masterpiece.once the South, which is already 13 years old, hosted in the kitchen. He was the best friend and loyal companion AZ – little bird, endowed with an amazing gift. It was during this typical day the South has learned that it has a striking ability to create portals and move with them from one place to another or teleport things. Thanks to a new talent, the boy defeated the cunning demon and saved the tavern from destruction.however, the boy's strength is not enough to help his father. By the evil will of Knox, watching the Emelka, albert turned into a Bush. Only a witch doctor living in the forbidden forest can spell it. Yugo, AZ, stupid and brave young knight Sadlygrove and old friend albert is older, but still strong, bold and cunning warrior RUEIL – go in search of the healer. On the way they meet with a fondness for adventure, the outdoors and shopping Princess Amalia and her bodyguard – a beautiful, clever and restrained me, was really exciting.so begins a Grand, full of terrible dangers adventure South, during which he must not only rescue the named father, but also to find their blood relatives, and save the world of the Twelve, preventing the implementation of the insidious plans of Knox.