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In the animated series "Voltron: Legendary defender" tells about the fantastic events taking place in the future. At the time of the story being told, space wars are waged that threaten the Galaxy with its complete destruction and call into question the continued existence of the entire Universe. Robots with a perfect mind are aggressive and vicious. Initially, they were created to protect civilians, but now these machines are more like murder weapons.thanks to a perfect mind, robots have seized power in most of the Galaxy. To confront these monsters choose five boys of school age, whose task is to return control robots in human hands. To perform this task, the boys are constantly training in intergalactic space, learning to manage different types of robots - lions. Of course, each of the students has an individual character, which is why in different everyday situations they behave quite differently. Also, because of this, each of them was given a lion of one of the colors: gold, red, blue, green and black.rn

the First kid has leadership qualities that pushes him in the act too imposing qualities. The rest of the team members do not perceive him as a leader, that is why they treat him rather negatively.the Second student is groundless and absolutely confident. This character trait could be disastrous for their mission, which is to decide whether the Galaxy will exist.the Third boy is too emotional. It is easy of elation passes into melancholy. It sometimes annoys other members of the team, and he himself interferes to perceive things as is and realistically assess the situation.the Fourth guy is a true leader. He often acts as a buffer in disputes of other team members, makes decisions and gives commands. This boy is the smartest of the five rescuers of the Universe. In the animated series Voltron: Legendary defender watch online he is the most sensible character.the Fifth student is the soul of the company. Kind and attentive he supports the spirit of the whole team, helps to find a way out of any situation and comes to the aid of friends even if it hurts him.at the end of training, they face real robot enemies. To defeat the enemy and save the Galaxy they need to unite and become one, despite the radically different characters of the team.in a way, the sixth element is the Voltron: the Legendary defender. It is there that all five students must unite to form an indestructible Voltron.the main tyrant of the Galaxy and the aim of the five is the villain Zarkon. He destroys the Galaxy, enslaving the planets one by one and draining them of vital energy, becoming even stronger. These five boys would never have been able to defeat Zarkon had it not been for Princess Allura, whom they accidentally woke up after several centuries of her deep sleep. She showed them how of the five smaller robot lions to form one indestructible robot Voltron. It is controlled only by these five cadets and will become an effective weapon against the Zarkon only if they unite in a single whole, no matter what.