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The main character of the exciting animated series "vixen" was born in a small village located on the African continent. Sweet and good-natured Marie grew up surrounded by friends and loving parents who, despite the hard life, did everything possible to make their child happy. Family Marie stood out compared to other families living in the village, as they have kept the old thief in the Tanta, which gives its owner incredible gift – to summon the immense power of wild animals.

while the totem Keeper Was Marie's father, over time he had to go to her. But once there was a terrible event, and the uncle of our heroine brutally killed his brother, that is, her father to take possession of a powerful relic. As time went on, Marie grew, became stronger, and not to forget about the vile doings of his relative. When turned up a good time, she managed to take possession of the totem, and to hide the artifact girl goes far overseas, almost to the other end of the world. It was there, in a foreign country, begins the path of a great warrior who became a staunch advocate for all those who are in trouble or desperate to find justice...