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The series will be interesting for teenagers, as well as all fans of the Disney channel. In the center of the plot is a young beauty Violetta, who together with her father, an influential businessman, returns to Buenos Aires. From here she went when she was 5 years immediately after the tragic death of his Violetta has grown up and survived that childhood trauma a long time ago. The girl loves music and does not quite trust her father's girlfriend jade, who is trying hard to gain the trust of her stepdaughter. The father of the main character is sure that the girl needs a governess who will look after her training and manners. To do this, and hire Anji, who by luck is aunt Violetta and her mentor in all personal matters.rnOnce having quarreled with the father, the girl runs away from the house and meets the young man by the name of Thomas. Fascinated by her beauty and spontaneity, Thomas tries to talk to Violetta, but the girl panics and escapes.every day Violetta has more and more friends, but the girl also has her own problems. So, for example, and calculating a jealous Ludmila tries to embroil her with Thomas, who just start to develop relationships. Despite all the intrigues and omissions, gradually between Violetta and Thomas, a romance ensues, and the girl herself begins to engage in music and acting, giving this case all the free time. The life of the main character is marred by constant conflicts with jade, who wants to be a full mistress in the house. An argument between jade and Angie are the father of Violetta's nerves, but because of the love for his daughter, he can't fire the governess. Itself Anji tries to do anything to her niece was happy. Besides, she knows a secret from the past that sheds light on the tragic death of Violetta's mother.and while the main character participates in musical and theatrical performances, her stepmother weaves all sorts of intrigues, trying to separate Violetta from Thomas and quickly get married. Jade needs her husband's money because she has been in debt for a long time. That's just Violetta does not want to prevent the Union of the father with a vengeful jade, from the house starts a real war.