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Physicist Jim Beale all his life dreamed of working on some big project, and one day he had the opportunity. The hero led a team of scientists and together with it began to work on the construction of a reduced copy of the hadron Collider. That's just during the execution of the plan, things did not go as initially planned. Scientists, unwittingly, with the help of their device were able to create a gap in physical space and time. Collider's turned into a real time machine, and it could be a real scientific breakthrough.Jim, realizing the danger that time travel can carry, is wary of giving away all his secrets to corporations, because it can lead to irreversible consequences. Powerful people will use the time machine for their dirty purposes and soon it will destroy all of humanity. Jim, trying to keep the rights to the device invented by him, meets an attractive girl Abby, who is able to help solve problems. But the hero accidentally tells her a few of his secrets, which she can share with influential people. The scientist takes the only right, in his opinion, the decision to go into the past and prevent a conversation with Abby, but this leads to unpredictable consequences.

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