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Since then the family is the animated comic series with a touch of satire. In fact, it is an autobiographical story based on the memories of the famous American comedian bill Burr. From the first series, his style is guessed with the naked eye, and the story looks like a good stand-up performance. The plot is logical and comical at the same time. The main events take place in the 1970s, a wonderful time that embodies the spirit of freedom. Then it was even possible to smoke not only at home but also in public places, it was also allowed to carry weapons everywhere. It's a hell of a thing these days. Still, when a criminal knows that any of his victims may have a good gun in their bag, he will think a hundred times before attacking someone. The series tells about the life of the Murphy family, which is far beyond poverty. The head of the family named Freddy is completely insane and rushes with his crazy ideas, over and over again rushing from one extreme to another. From - for abnormal daddy's suffer periodically his wife Susan and sons-Kevin and bill.

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