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Welcome to the future! A world where there are no taboos and taboos. Rich people do not know what to do and what entertainment to come up with. It was then, especially for the rich and powerful, a group of people coming up and creating a city where all the inhabitants - androids that look exactly like ordinary people. In this place, the rich can realize their wildest fantasies. Every day residents of the city are erased memory The girl lives a normal life, and as everything around does not even suspect what is really happening. But one day, sitting in a bar, she begins to remember everything that happened to her lately: she remembers what terrible things did rich tourists who do not disdain anything, even murder. The creators of this place see the strange behavior of the girl-Android and send it for processing. But the unexpected happens - she runs away. Now Kelly sets a task to find out what is happening and take revenge on the one who is behind it all. In this case, she will find allies, and together they will try to change everything.

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