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You do not need any sudden movements when you are a beginner in your business. This is especially true of representatives of such illegal activities as"fraud". The main characters of the film Extinction (2015), three relatively young thugs knocked in the head to make money "fast", not really expending their force. So they are engaged in a very adventurous case-the kidnapping of the daughter of a famous authority in the criminal world of Carlos Rodriguez, whose role was played by the world famous (mainly in his role in the film series Machete) actor Danny Trejo. Only the guys did it unconsciously, or rather, they had no idea what kind this girl is. Deciding to force a girl to shoot a video about his kidnapping, criminals deaf thoughts the fact that the abduction can have a serious resistance. It seems that can make a fragile representative of the fair sex with a few physically prepared men? But her innocence is only the outer shell, under which lurks a real lioness. To help her go professional killers, but she is able to cope without them. The film Extinction (2015) tells the story of how the kidnappers-losers, stealing the daughter of a drug Lord, and greatly complicate his life.

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