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The beginning of the incident, unfolding in the series "van Helsing", preceded by a terrible disaster that occurred in the United States – a powerful volcano, waking up, destroys half of the States in the West. This Apocalypse gave impetus to the emergence of entities resembling people whose diet is based on human blood. Those who are attacked eventually begin to crave blood. It is increasingly difficult to find a person among the population. Poshest rapidly expanding on the Ground, and the government, scientists, military despair in trying to stop a scary secret laboratory a group of Marines guards a long sleep of a mysterious girl. Such a task is entrusted to them by the us military leadership. The duty lasts for several years. Stops the trance, the girls - one night, when vampires are attacking the lab. The defenders were stunned – the girl killed all the intruders. The soldiers do not know that they were guarding the descendant of the powerful van Helsing – Vanessa. The girl has all the skills of his ancestor, more than that – her blood is amazing – she prevraschat vampire without consequences in humans. Fragile girl - the only hope for mankind.

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