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  • Drama
Serial film "valley of the wolves: Trap" rightfully belongs to the category of new Turkish TV series. The main storyline is the activity of an unusual organization that works in parallel with the authorities, interacts with gangs, secretly regulates the country's policy. One of the intelligence officers - Polat Alimatu charged to understand in the sensational case. He must find the culprit in the attempt on the famous Turkish businessman, entrepreneur Chagra Toros. The strings of the investigation lead the man into a dangerous lair, which exists in a strong bond with government agencies. This not only complicates the task of identifying the perpetrators of a criminal offense, but also poses a deadly threat to the life of the protagonist. He needs to resolve a dilemma: to act according to the law, but to go against big ranks. Or submit to the circumstances, do not get into trouble. The creators of the film released a rather controversial product, which received wide publicity in society and even a period limited to the box office. Because to speak out about the issues raised in the story of the series, until a certain time was not accepted.