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Waking up and just regained consciousness, the hero of the anime "Utawarerumono" saw that he found himself in the vast expanses of boundless snow space. What was it in the area, and how he ended up on this barren plains, he had no idea. Worse, he had no idea of himself or even his own name. His lost memory was like the very plain.nSo he stood there, shocked, trying to decide what to start doing in this maddening situation. However, to solve it to our hero it was not necessary. From somewhere there was a terrible monster, resembling a giant insect, and without hesitation, moved on him. Intentions have the beast, clearly, were not good. The hero tried to escape, but the walking horror quickly drove him into a trap.nThen there was a girl with charming ears and a fluffy tail, who saved the hero. The beauty's name was Kwon…

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