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Haruka Nanami in childhood was often sick, the parents sent the child to the village to stay away from not eco-friendly metropolis. Modest friendly little girl from the series "Singing Prince: Really 1000% love" grew up an obedient child, she loved to help her grandmother, who, in turn, instilled in the girl a love for music. She taught her granddaughter to play the piano on her own, and she chose to compose her own compositions as her future craft.Haruka studied hard at school to be able to fulfill a long-standing dream. And here it is the number enrolled in the musical Academy of music Saotome. Here, all teachers and most students are very popular personalities. And the Director and all famous person – a humble freshman fears that would be unable to compete with their peers for the right to become an idol for millions of fans.in an educational institution according to the plot of the painting "Singing Prince: Really love 1000%" there is a special rule. By the final exams, each singer must find a suitable composer from the stream and prepare the final song with him. Of course, the creative process often erases barriers between partners, many fall in love, create couples. But the leadership of the Academy has strict laws - there can be no love connection between the composer and the performer. In the first days it became clear that Haruka is an incredibly gifted, so many classmates want to get her attention for a common goal – if the singer will be lucky to have the author of the track, both fall under the tutelage of big agencies Shining.