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Animated series, based on the manga of the early 90 – ies, Usio and Thor watch online-a pleasure. This is a classic Japanese adventure Saga with mysticism, battles, exorcism, unfolding against the background of modern routine. Even more exciting for the spectators become the twists and turns that get in the heroes of the anime!Usio Aotsuki is an ordinary guy from an unusual family. This is a cheerful and kind, somewhat stupid schoolboy, whose father is a priest of an ancient temple. The founder of the dynasty of the priests belongs to Ushio, 500 years ago defeated and imprisoned the evil monster-a beast that ravaged the village and killed people.Usio doesn't believe in these tales. He laughs over ancient legends, which tells him father. And in General, the relationship they do not always get along. But one day, down in the basement, the boy discovers a strange door that was not seen before. What he finds behind it, radically changes and life, and the worldview of Usio.Succumbing to the monster's tricks, the boy frees him. However, youkai Nagatomo has changed over the centuries of his imprisonment. In General, this is a comic character, he makes plans how to eat, Usio, but never comes to their implementation. The boy nicknamed him "Thor" -the tiger in Japanese. Very much the monster resembles this beast.rn

Usio and Thor are friends and foes at the same time. Animal spear-inherited descendant of the great priests artifact-helps the boy, drawing strength from his own heart and spirit. Usio begins to consciously fight the evil that the youkai spread around him, summoned to the ground by the power of the spear. Saving friends and strangers from the rage of monsters, the guy risks his life, becoming a true hero and a fighter for good and peace.rn

Friendship is the opposition of USIA and the Torah develops, interwoven with love line. Asako Nakamura, a brisk girl who likes the main character, constantly teases and ridicules him, although she does it out of sympathy. Asako and Usio have a friend, Mayuko Inoue. The girl decided to give up the idea of a relationship with a guy, but she likes Torah, that it does not cease to denote their behavior…all these peaceful teenage twists and turns recede into the background before the new danger: the thousand-year-old youkai, which is called Belolikim, has awakened and threatens to destroy all the Islands of The Japanese archipelago. And Ushio with his beast spear can resist danger.the Anime, drawn in 2015, really captures the viewer with its plot. Each series is a separate story telling about this or that feat of the owner of an animal spear. Usio is a direct, selfless character, he possesses the immense power that gave him the spear. He truly loves his friends and cares about them touching, and even the Torah is not bypassed its attention.rn

in General, the cartoon is made in a classic anime format and its plot has a fascinating fantasy Saga, keeping in suspense throughout the show.