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In this series we will talk about how many can be interesting and unexpected stories from people who are from one person to another are transmitted, gradually changing the plot. Against the background of certain legends, some are of genuine interest and become more famous. In addition, many of them are associated with prominent or well-known personalities. For example, in one of the series tells about Bob Dylan, who decided to fly to an old friend. But, due to the fact that he had an unusual manner of communication and certain habits, the man simply forgot to write down the address. When the famous singer got out of the car, he aimlessly began to wander the streets until he found a certain landmark. The door disappeared and he was met by a woman named ange. She didn't recognize the famous singer and thought it was another seller. But as soon as she understood all the circumstances, the woman said that her husband is not at home and invited the guest to wait. Unfortunately, when the woman's husband came home, it turned out that this is not the one who was looking for the main character. What happened next, and what other stories, you can watch online now.

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