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Original Title: Up Pompeii!
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ITV
Language: English
Description: For someone who is at least a little interested in the history of Ancient Rome, it is no secret that many centuries ago there was a prosperous and most beautiful city of Pompeii. It flourished art, built temples, lived famous figures of the time. In those years, still had no idea about what a terrible end awaits this city and residents live in it. It all happened suddenly, and nothing could be done to stop the tragedy. The creators of the drama Pompeii (2014) with maximum reliability tried to convey to the audience how the city lived in the last days before the eruption of Vesuvius and how it was literally wiped off the face of the earth. nnThe adventure drama of Pompeii shows the life of the inhabitants of the city to the catastrophe, their dreams, doubts, feelings. People still do not suspect that something inevitable will happen soon, and continue to live and make plans for the future. In all this bubbling emotions and unfolds the story of true love. Love short, but that does not lose its significance. Love story of a slave-Gladiator Cute and beautiful aristocrat Cassia. A story that unfolds against the backdrop of a disaster that gives the film Pompeii (2014) contrast and even greater meaning, once again proving that in the face of danger and death are all equal. nnThe drama in 3D format was created to show the full scale of the disaster that happened seventy-nine People suffocated from poisonous gases, fell and buried under tons of ashes. According to historians, in those terrible days, which lasted the eruption, killed more than two thousand people.

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