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Once William Manny, like many desperate inhabitants of the Wild West, did not shun to kill people and even earned a living, but in the end was able to end this occupation. Now he is the most common poor farmer, who after the death of his wife was alone in the face of numerous problems. The cattle on the farm are sick, and William's two children have no future, and only a large amount of money can save the situation. That is why the proposal to kill in the town of big Whiskey two persons that comes from a young cowboy Scofield kid, who came to the farm Manny, old rejected only at first. After some thought, he decides to join the kid and takes ned Logan's former accomplice and the same "veteran" as he is. The purpose of this motley gang – to find and kill two men who disfigured the prostitute and didn't receive as her goods decided, due punishment for this act. The reward for the murder of two sadists will be $ 1,000, but the problem is that the Sheriff, closely monitoring the order in big Whiskey, intends at all costs to prevent shooting on their land.

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