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Original Title: Unforgettable
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: CBS,A&E
Creators: Ed Redlich,John Bellucci
Language: English
Description: A lot of ancient buildings, which were built without the necessary devices, seem incredible to modern man. Many of them received the status of “Wonder of the world”. Until now, scientists from all over the world are trying to solve this puzzle. After all such mystical things not can not suggest on some thought. nnIn any case, the question of how the ancient peoples were able to do what we cannot do remains open. On the other hand, the idea that our ancestors were able to surpass themselves and build incredible, is proud of the human race. Among the objects of this transfer will be: the Great wall of China, the Palace of Westminster, of course the pyramids of Egypt, the Acropolis of Athens and more.nnThe whole program is dedicated to one goal - to recreate the process of construction of those times, which could logically explain to man how our ancestors did it. The show will appeal to lovers of ancient architecture, culture, history, as well as fans of different mysteries and amazing facts about the Earth.

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