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Dan Transman worked on a large and successful company. Despite all the many successes, the management did not appreciate him much, so he decided to quit his job and start his own business, hoping to achieve great success in the future. He even hired two employees: too young and insecure Mike, as well as too old and rather strange Timothy. Together they began to engage in the development of their company, but a year has passed, and the heroes have not achieved significant results. And now they have a chance to fix it, they can make an important deal that will be a real breakthrough for their young business. Dan, along with his employees, goes to another city to make a deal and finds out that he suddenly has a competitor in the face of the former boss, who still does not like him very much, so he tries to annoy him in every way. Heroes, for the sake of success, are forced to go to Europe to settle all the details of the transaction. This trip will be not only the most important, but also the most fun trip in their lives, because they will always get into funny situations and at the same time try to save his face in front of potential partners.

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