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Buck Russell is a fun, playful and totally girlie man. He used to have fun, so constantly having fun. He does not have a family, a permanent job and any plans for life. Buck huddles in a small apartment on the outskirts of the city and sometimes makes money on bets. Although most of the time he just loses. Even in a serious relationship he is not going to have, because they do not want to take responsibility and leave with freedom. The man never thought of children. But one day he has to face a serious responsibility. His older brother and his wife have to leave. There's no way will and Sydney can stay in town and put things off. Taking children with you is also not an option, so they decide to find a nanny for a few days. Buck is the only person available at this time. Although Sydney is dissatisfied with the choice of her husband, she has no choice but to agree. At the same time Buck was kicked out of the apartment. He doesn't have the money to pay, so he's only happy about his brother's offer. Now he has to take care of three children every day. They have long been accustomed to the procedure and seriousness, so uncle will have something to surprise them. A man will have to grow up a little and change.