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Bassan al Fayeed is a young guy who lives his life in his world in Los Angeles. He has a wife and a child, none of the neighbors have any idea what this guy is actually doing. He never works, all day long having fun at home or at cool parties, driving expensive cars - in a word leads a Bohemian lifestyle. Faiid does not need anything, all his life he lived in abundance, he has so much money that they simply have nowhere to go. In fact, the main character is the son of the President of a small state - Baladi, it is teeming with diamonds, oil and gold. His father is a real tyrant who for the sake of his interests is ready to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of people, he keeps the whole country in fear, the fate of too many people depends on his word. One day the main character has to return to his historical homeland to help his father. To this his life had not prepared, he was used to luxury and security. In the US, no one knew or touched him, but now everything has changed. He will have to solve someone's problems, and someone to create.

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