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Probably every large family has a relative with whom no one wants to communicate. Unfortunately, in the Mctig family, this relative and relative with a huge fortune, who knows who will get – the same person, wheelchair-bound uncle Joe. And this means that many nephews and grandchildren, instead of avoiding contact with him, constantly remind themselves and try to please the old, hoping to get around each other and get the will as much as possible. Only now all their achievements are about to go to dust: recently, the quarrelsome uncle Joe began to show special interest in a pretty and skater nurse, so there is every chance and does not get an inheritance in the event of the death of a rich relative. In a moment of despair, the family for once unites and finds the answer: it is necessary to find Daniel's uncle, who once gave up a rich life, and bring him home. However, and his son Danny be appropriate-importantly, charm uncle and get rid of nurses.

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