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The events of the film develop in different time periods: the main plot tells the viewer about the difficulties of the life of a widowed writer, and a side storyline introduces the fate of his already adult daughter, who periodically remembers her childhood spent in the company of her father. Memories of the main character of the film "Fathers and daughters" take the audience back in 1985. Then the girl's family everything was perfect: her father was a successful writer who managed to get the Pulitzer prize. But there was a terrible tragedy-the girl's mother had an accident and died. Katie was then only 5 years old, having lost her mother, she demanded the attention of her father, who completely forgot about his duties and plunged headlong into his own depression, which began after the death of his wife. Gradually, Jake loses all that he had long sought. He has less and less time to write books, because most of the day he is immersed in inner experiences. Failure on the working man breaks his anger out on little Katie, not refusing "power events". Depression causes serious mental disorders, and at some point it is put in a psychiatric clinic. After that, Katie falls under the care of his father's sister, and when Jake leaves the hospital, a relative does not agree to return the child, doubting the adequacy of his brother. The man is enraged and does everything to get his daughter, not even knowing that that is the cause of her suffering...

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