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In the center of the plot of the series "Two and a half people" brothers Charlie and Alan Harper. While the first enjoys the attention of charming fans with pleasure,the second torments himself with numerous self-reproaches about the unsuccessful marriage. A divorced father could marry again, but the girls either do not notice a pedantic boyfriend, or his cunning companions ruin the gentleman. The first wife of the hero Judith after the divorce receives the lion's share of his income to raise a common son Jake. Even live and already offended on the fate of the boyfriend is welcome from brother.rn

However, the successor often spends the night in the lair of singles and gladly absorb the instructions of more experienced relatives. Caring uncle and dad too deeply delve into the essence of the issue than cause genuine delight teenager. However, concerned father trying to protect an inexperienced child's mind from the influence of the frivolous womanizer, but it proves to be difficult.Alan is always collected, neat and consistent, as befits a surgeon-a practice with a decent experience. In contrast to him, Charlie lives one day, fully enjoying every minute and not thinking about the future. On Deluxe a he earned, composing Jingles for advertising and catchy songs for toddlers. And if a talented author is not busy with work, he is either drunk or having fun with another available friend. And more often the dexterous hero manages to combine the first and the second.he never sought to give any nice lady his freedom, and when the tragedy of his brother unfolded before his eyes, he even vowed to put a stamp in his passport. Deep down, Charlie simply does not see in any friend the one with whom you can happily grow old. He often releases a caustic capacious comments to a relative about his habits and lifestyle, especially if he insists on maintaining order, not forgetting to mention who has the right to command in his house, and who promised to move out soon for a rented house, but was delayed due to financial difficulties for an indefinite period.

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