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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Danny Desia 16 years, and he has already experienced a lot. Five years after his aunt was killed, he spent away from home, his father strangely disappeared. Danny returned to his native city as in the basement of one of the city's buildings was found dead classmate guy. Immediately find the murderer is not necessary, and the main suspect in a terrible crime becomes Desia.nnIt is not easy to live in this atmosphere of General suspicion and oblique views of a teenager who does not have a smooth and harmless character. To cope with the situation Danny help his two friends. However, the relationship between them is also not always smooth. And the parents of the boys are in the counter. And yet the friends are struggling to retain the trust of each other and solve the murder of a classmate. Trust all the more important, that this, need to to to think, this not the latter mystery in their young life.nn"Sociopath" - a good example of the popular at all times youth Thriller. Many, speaking about it, remember "Lovely liars". Although, it is necessary to admit that it is easier "Liars", not so bright. Someone may even find it boring or stretched. In any case, it is better to watch at once in large portions, and that is the risk of missing the thread of what is happening.