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Original Title: Tut
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Spike
Creators: Peter Paige,Brad Bredeweg,Michael Vickerman
Language: English
Description: Events take place in ancient Egypt, the era of the New Kingdom. Pharaoh Akhenaten dies at the hands of conspirators who were able to bribe his unfaithful servant. His ten-year-old son Tutankhamun becomes heir and occupies the throne in Thebes. It was not an easy time for Egypt, the country was torn apart by wars and conflicts. The Egyptian people are tired of unjust laws and cruel levies. No one takes Tutankhamun seriously, but he is not ready to give power to his entourage or officials. Tutankhamun wants to establish peace and harmony in the country. The young Pharaoh can't trust anyone, because everyone is plotting around him.

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